Sunday, January 2, 2011

Your Ancestral Family announces 25 % Off Packages - Heritage Discounts

Your Ancestral Family, LLC has announced they will be celebrating a different heritage each month in 2011 with 25% off all package prices for each month's respective heritage.

January 2011 will be celebrated as "Scottish-American Heritage Month" (in honor of Robert Burns birthday) and anyone with Scottish ancestry will receive a steep 25% discount off the regular package prices.

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  1. David was able to find and obtain some very valuable and precious vital records belonging to my lost family members all the way back to the 1600’s! All the mysteries that used to exist in my family are resolved, thanks to Mr. Irwin. I even received updates regarding the progress made throughout his investigation!

    David EVEN found the death record belonging to my mother’s birth-father (and 1 PICTURE)!

    After only a few months David sent 6 copies of the "Family History Book" about 2 weeks ago. The book is charming, well written and includes TONS of detailed information about my mother’s and father’s ancestors!

    My dad EVEN CRIED after I gave him this family history book for his Christrmas present!
    That is a memory that I will never, ever forget.

    The turnaround time in recieving the books was pretty reasonable (no, I'm NOT KIDDING).
    I received all 6 books within 3 weeks.

    In closing, the 2010 holiday season was memorable this year. Afeter seeing my family look through thier albums and reminice on "old times" I felt greatful (and, relieved!!!)

    Thank you, Mr. David, for unlocking my family history snd the “mysteries" that have plagued us for so many years. My family and I are no longer lost with unanswered questions, but rather making additionalfamily dicoveries for the new year to come!!