Saturday, January 29, 2011

From Langlois to Lochleen to Lochlin (Anglicization of French Canadian surnames in Ontario and Michigan)

Thanks for this interpretation of the name. On a record of my great grandmother's family the english speaking authorities wrote out the name "LocRlauce or "Locklauce" which I believe was originally Langlois. My GG Grandfather - Francis was born I believe at Oka, Quebec in 1824. He was brought up by a group of Catholic Priests but ran away making his way down to Toronto, Ontario where he adopted the name Lochlin which he was pronouncing Lochleen becuase pronouncing Long-glah was too difficult for the English speakers to understand. He met and married 2 women - Sarah (Sally A.) and Margaret Boucher (and her name became Usher). They moved to Michigan about 1860 and first moved to Ada then to Birmingham and later to Saginaw.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lecture on Native American Lore of the Detroit Area, 1701-1842

Native American Lore of the Detroit Area, 1701-1842

David E. Irwin

This lecture covers the historical aspect of Native American's in Southeastern Michigan from the time of Detroit's founding in 1701 to the sale of the last reservation in the current day Metro Detroit area in 1842. It also touches on conducting Native American Genealogical research and explore's the various online website's that can assist in Native American research as well as conducting research at genealogical repositories and libraries.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Your Ancestral Family announces 25 % Off Packages - Heritage Discounts

Your Ancestral Family, LLC has announced they will be celebrating a different heritage each month in 2011 with 25% off all package prices for each month's respective heritage.

January 2011 will be celebrated as "Scottish-American Heritage Month" (in honor of Robert Burns birthday) and anyone with Scottish ancestry will receive a steep 25% discount off the regular package prices.