Monday, April 26, 2010

Adam Irwin (1854 - 1903)

Adam Irwin was born on September 7, 1854 in the Townland of Claggan near the village of Ardtrea in County Tyrone, Ireland (Ulster). He was the son of David Irwin and Rachel Simpson. The Irwin family attended the local Presbyterian Church (probably Ballygoney Presbyterian Church). Around 1880, Adam left Ireland (Ulster) for Lancashire, England where he worked for the Valentine Family on their "North Tunley Farm". In 1881, Mr. Valentine decided to leave England for America (Michigan) and moved his entire family there leaving Adam to return one last time to his family in Ulster. After a short time there he decided to follow the Valentine Family to America and left on the ship "Parthia" with a friend. They arrived at the "Castle Garden" port of New York City on April 6, 1882. From there, Adam and his friend made their way to upstate New York at Buffalo from whence they crossed Ontario by train to Detroit and from there to Otter Lake, Michigan where John Valentine picked Adam up by buggy. Adam married the daughter of John Valentine, Susannah on April 18, 1883 at the Watertown Centre Methodist Episcopal Church in Watertown Township, Tuscola County, Michigan. Adam purchased a 40 acre farm in Section 15 of Watertown Township (equally close to Mayville and Fostoria). Adam and Susannah had 9 children including Rachel S., William, Susanne, Anna J., Eleanor, John K., Robert T., Edith M. and Ethel V. (who were twins). Adam was naturalized a U.S. citizen in 1888. He passed away on February 14, 1903 on his farm in Watertown Township and was laid to rest at Watertown Township Cemetary in Watertown Township, Tuscola County, Michigan

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