Sunday, December 13, 2009

Professor John Benjamin Russell of Wheaton College, Illinois

Russell, J. B. (John Benjamin)

Wheaton College Alumnus, John Benjamin Russell, was born in Henry County, Illinois, prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, on February 25, 1860, the child of Samuel and Matilda Russell. Russell's siblings were Frank Horace and Eva May. Russell would later marry Isabel Gunn of Wheaton, Illinois (December 23, 1885). Together they raised their children Edna L., born September 1886, and Everett Russell, born August 1889.

Russell attended and graduated from Wheaton College with high honors in 1885. He also attended and graduated from the University of Chicago (1894-1896).

J. B. Russell, upon his graduation from Wheaton College, became the principal of Glen Ellyn High School, a post he held for one year. Afterwards, Russell became principal of Kewanee High School, a post he held for five years. Concurrent to his last year at Kewanee, Russell was County Superintendent of Public Instruction for Henry County, the county of his birth. Russell held this position until 1893 at which time he became Professor of Natural Science at Wheaton College. Russell continued in that capacity until 1895. In 1896 Russell became the Superintendent of Public Schools of Wheaton. He died on January 26, 1930.

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